Our Group's Structure

The Socialists, Democrats and Greens Group, active within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe


TThe Group of Socialists, Democrats and Greens (SOC) brings together national parliamentarians from all member countries of the Council of Europe to take a political stance on the major current topical debates on human rights and rule of law.
It is composed by both full members and substitutes of the Parliamentary Assembly belonging to political parties with membership to PES, International Socialist and Progressive Alliance, as well as by parliamentarians coming from Green and Ecological national parties.

The aim of the Group is the realization of the fundamental principles of democratic socialism within the Organization and in the member states of the Council of Europe. The SOC Group will always be the resolute defender of the cause of human rights, of the promotion of peace and social justice and the supporter of sustainable development politics and new prosperity strategy.

Meetings of the Group, during each part session of the Parliamentary Assembly.
During these meetings SOC members:
- Debate and take position on the reports to be discussed during the PACE Plenary Sessions and Committee meetings
- Appoint Group spokespersons for all agenda items
- Exchange political views on current national affairs, inform on alarming national situations, decide on Group positions and take initiatives
- Decide on the Group's candidatures for PACE Presidencies and Committees

Extraordinary meetings
On some occasions and in order to debate in an in-depth way on a specific topic, we also organise extraordinary meetings, most often on Sundays evening before a part session in Strasbourg.